Sunday 10 July 2016


Well today was a new thing - we attended the FAB Stampede Bear BBQ RoundUp, organised by - or "FAB".

It was a great afternoon - quiet and relaxed, with food (coz one has to feed the bears at these things), drinks and probably around 50 attendees! I had a great relaxing time, and must say, I hope we have another event here soon!

One thing which was interesting, looking through the list of people attending on the groups Facebook page, I realised to my horror that I didn't know a single person there aside from my pups and 2 others. And looking around those there, I didn't. Maybe i just need to get out more.

Holy crap - 4 years? Really?

I'm a fat lazy bastard apparently. 4 years since i made an entry into this. But I guess living a real life seems to preclude me from doing many of the other things I enjoy.

I had to write something earlier - on one of the other blogs - and it made me start to page through a bunch of previous posts, including the sort of diary I keep on this one. And I realised I have been a lazy bastard.

And that isnt good for me or you. Mind you, I dont know that anyone actually reads half of what I write - but that is ok - its as much about me as it is you. My writing is a release - and lately, I havent been releasing - I have been negligent of myself and been bottling up a bunch of shit - but I aim to change that. I am to start updating blogs and writings more often and take the time to allow myself to let things out of my system.

SO a quick update until it is not 1:30am when this mood comes over me.

In 4 years - wow - where to start...

Start at Moved to Calgary.

Moved to Calgary. Struggled a little to find work at first. We quite quickly moved to a house in a suburb of the city, the pups and I and made it our home. Its is beautiful and has a pleasant enough view. I got a job. Working retail. Part time. I worked hard. Very hard. In 6 months, I was successful in becoming a department supervisor, and 3 years later I'm the department supervisor of the most complicated and second largest department of my store. That sounds glamorous, but trust me - it is not. I am still doing it. While I do not have the passion for this job as I had for theatre work before, I don't hate my job. (Well some days - but we all do that). The biggest draw back is the shift work. Rotations. "Opens", "Closes", "Clo-pens". But it is stable and allows me some spending money.

Earlier this year, a handsome cub moved here and moved in. We're working on our family daily, and working on always being kind to one another, and others, and creating a truly well bonded strong family unit. It takes work and perseverance every day.

Reflectively - I was rotting away in Ontario. I was unemployed, alone, depressed and sad.

Calgary is good, and healthy for me in many ways. I miss some of my friends from "back East", but that is what social media if for, right?

I will be better at posting. Really, I will.