Wednesday 9 May 2018


A few years ago, I ran a successful Youtube channel. I had a few thousand subscribers, and posted videos which were kinda a personal Vlog about what was going on in my life and talking openly about various subjects. I would smoke and talk about things current and overall, and promote my webpage – which – frankly – takes a lot of time and energy to maintain. Videos were in HD and I spent quite some time adding titles and credits to each one when posting, and posted probably once or twice a week. I really enjoyed the interaction from subscribers and getting to vent or just talk about life.

Then someone reported the channel to YouTube as being “Spam” in 24 hours they reported every single one of my 80+ videos individually. It could have been a number of people – probably a gay-hater or something – but definitely some nameless, face-less coward who’s sensitivities were hurt – probably because I was gay. So despite having been on Youtube for about 10 years total, the Youtube ‘authorities’ not only deleted my entire channel, they banned me from Youtube. And not just for a year – “for life”.  Despite numerous pleas and petitions for a review, they refused to provide reasons or any other course of action.

This all occurred about 5 years ago now, and I have made no real efforts to revive any form of Vlog until now. Thanks to a friend who shouted out his channel, I kinda have the bug to do something similar again, but this time so much has changed and I have so much of a different focus. But I do miss it. I miss that interaction and feedback and the medium itself. And I kinda feel like I need to do something – you know?

But what are my options? Youtube is out. Vimeo seems viable, but with limited resources unless I pay for it. Dailymotion is another – but I had never heard of it until I did a google search. So where do I go? What do I do? Definitely open to suggestion here…..


  1. I guess you could do V-logs at this site

  2. My understanding is that DailyMotion is fairly popular in Europe but as you note it's barely known in North America. Vimeo has a good platform but they're definitely aiming at more "serious amateur" filmmakers and up rather than being the video site anyone and everyone can upload to.

    I don't know if there's a reason you *couldn't* do this, but I almost think you'd find a bigger audience on something like XTube, Pornhub or XHamster - especially if you've got a cigar or pipe going most of the time, it could be argued your videos were a somewhat esoteric kind of kink. ;) Of course, that would get you an audience very different that you'd get from YouTube or Vimeo...!

  3. I wrote you an email in response to a blog you had on Come I back in 2012. I hope you get it now. Jeff

  4. I notice that I dont get notifications of activity on here - which is rather frustrating - both for me, and I am sure for those of you who follow my blog! Thank you for your reponses. By some miracle, it seems now I get notifications - all of them - all at once?!

    @slave - I looked at it, but I found Vimeo a nicer platform to work on!
    @Furr Bear - not at all familiar with Daily Motion - and because of my living arrangements, I cannoty smoke indoors - which makes blogging a bit more difficult with a cigar or pipe on the go. So for now, Vimeo it is.... although I still post clips on my site and occasionally on X-Tube
    @drummer_57 I must admit, I do not recall this email - could you resent it to me?