Sunday 13 October 2019

Dear Voters

Dear Voters

Let’s talk.

If you are voting for a political party because you always have, and so have your ancestors, you are not voting for the rights of everyone. Political parties are NOT sports teams, they are there to govern EVERYONE, not just you. Look at ALL the party’s policies – do some actual research and use actual FACTS (not just those presented by the media machine or your political party’s campaign in attempts to “smear” other candidates).

If you are NOT voting for a certain political party because they did something horrid in the 1960s, or any time period for that matter, grow up. Get over it. The people running the party probably are not the same people who were in power back then. And political parties, policies and beliefs change with the times. Do your research. Find actual FACTS and policies that are currently in place and, and make an INFORMED decision based on current information, not historical atrocities.

If you are voting for a specific person and that persons’ party because you “don’t like” the other guy, or you don’t like how he or she dresses, or the colour of his or her skin, or her or his religious beliefs, take a long hard look at yourself and ask yourself why.

If you are voting for someone based on his or her ability to dig up inconsequential dirt on other party candidates, meanwhile ignoring or justifying the dirt on your candidate, ask yourself why you are voting for anyone. Leadership of our amazing country is not a trophy.

If your friends and family express their concern over issues in the political arena right now, step back and ask them why, and then ask yourself why you are reacting to their concerns the way you are. Some groups are very worried about what the policies of some of our political parties are. Many of those concerns are things which you have never experienced and therefore cannot fully grasp or comprehend their legitimate fears, but at very least make an effort to understand them. Vote accordingly.

If you are voting for one party because you believe that “things are always better when X party is in charge” – do some fact checking. And ask yourself. Am I voting for this party because I only believe this? What other horrid things are hidden when we blindly focus only on a handful of the actual issues facing us?

In short, vote with open eyes. Change your sources of information frequently, so you can see the whole picture. The popular media all have their biases, but dig past the OPINIONS and look at the FACTS. Ensure that they can be substantiated by multiple sources. If they can, then you have the truth. If they can’t – look at the agenda lurking behind the opinion.

But for crying out loud, please vote wisely.

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