Wednesday 2 May 2012

26 Days to go.

Technically there are 27 days to go. But I’m going to count it as 26.  This is because my “/endtrans” will be on the day before my adventure begins. I guess I have built up a little curiosity from those of you who know me on Facebook, and the excitement is building in me, so Perhaps it’s time to just let it out there.
I’m going to be travelling to Calgary Alberta on May the 29th. Call me insane, but I’m actually going by greyhound! It will be a journey of 2 days and 15 hours or so. In a bus. Across Canada. With a camera, an ipod-like device and a lot of reading material. A friend very graciously has sponsored the ticket, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to make this journey!! And it’s a daunting journey, but there are a large number of reasons that this trip is exciting for me.
Firstly, I’m going to meet someone I am very interested in. It’s a puppy. He is a puppy. The 2-legged human variety. Sexy and cute and sweet and – ok ok – I will stop gushing. He represents a lot of the things I am looking for to start my leather family. And I’m truly looking forward to meeting him in person – or should that be Bear-dom?
Secondly, I have never seen anywhere of Canada other than Ontario. And, while a bus may not be the ideal way to do it (if my car wouldn’t die a short distance from my house, I would drive it), I will get to see some of the country, and there are a number of (brief) stops along the way to take in a little of other Canadian scenery. And to take pictures. I like taking pictures.
Thirdly, I get to visit 2 friends (all going to plan) who mean a huge amount to me. One is my friend who recently moved to Calgary, and whom I miss terribly. The other is a wonderful friend who lives in Vancouver. So that’s going to be amazing in itself.
Finally, unlike the SW Ontario region, which is stagnant and wilting, Calgary is thriving and growing, with an expanding economy and job market. I’m going to be seriously looking for employment opportunities there, with the view to moving out there in very short order if all goes according to plan, and I don’t see much which will prevent that. Those of you who know my story know that I have struggled for a very long time in this region, and it looks truly hopeful that the Calgary region will present a wider range of new opportunities for me.
So there it is. Now you know. Yes, I’m excited, and scared for all sorts of reasons (some of which have been explained in previous posts), but the overwhelming sense of a wonderful future keeps growing in me, and I’m truly starting to feel that perhaps that light I thought was a train at the end of the tunnel is, in fact, the Sun. that would be nice. I think the universe owes me at least that at this point.
Just saying….

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