Wednesday 23 May 2012

Roadtrip 2012: 5 Days to go

5 Days to Go!

So 5 days until I leave. Since my post yesterday, I have had a number of queries from people asking where and why I was going to Calgary. So, although this has been said already, I will say a little more about it.

Firstly, the main reason I am going is to meet up with a pup who has quickly managed to capture my attention. He is adorable, kind, and desires to be the human pup someone like myself has been looking for. And the majority of my trip will be spent with him, getting to know him in person and seeing how we get along with an eye to my collaring of him as my pup.  That will mark the “official” ceremonial start of my own leather family, separate from the other families which I find myself a happy member of, and which I will be at the head of.
Secondly, I get to see my bestie again, who moved out there a few months back, and I miss him, and we’ll get to hang out some, and I can meet his new boyfriend. I am also truly looking forward to seeing another very dear friend when I take two days away from Calgary to Vancouver to visit my bud there, who I have not seen in person since about 2006, so that is going to be awesome!

Finally, the job prospects in a city such as Calgary are entirely better than they are here in Ontario at present. The SW Ontario region has seen a very sharp decline in the job market and economy, like many other places in North America, but the economy here seems to be far more sluggish in recovering. A comparative job search of bother areas, reveals more than double the amount of job postings for Calgary (which, granted is a bigger city, so that’s expected) but there were a number of interesting, and fundamental differences too.
Firstly, the requirements for identically categorized jobs: In my area, the requirements say for experience, were 3 to 5 years; the same job in Calgary – no experience required. This shows that here, employers hold the market, and can be pretty darned picky about who they choose to interview, and indeed, hire. Furthermore, the starting wage scares were vastly different for the same job too – starting at $ 11 an hour here in this area, and starting at $ 15 an hour in Calgary. So this all looks hopeful that my prospects for employment there are indeed better in Calgary than they are here.

Otherwise – packing is going slow. I discovered my Epipen is not expired, and wont until November, so that’s a bonus. I’m also trying to consume all perishables in the fridge before I leave too. Funny how there some stuff you just can’t get enough of, but other stuff – once in a blue moon is enough – and then it just sits there. Working on things to make to take with on the road to eat too, as well as sorting some of the treats and stuff for the pup.

Will I have enough ccash to last me? What if the power goes out while im gone? Who is gonna take care of my plants? Do I leave a key with someone?

I’m starting to wonder if 5 days is really enough time now!!!!!

Until tomorrow!!!

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