Saturday 26 May 2012

Roadtrip 2012: 2 days to go!

2 Days left

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! Ok – this is going way faster than I had anticipated. I feel like I’m not ready suddenly. I want everything to be perfect. And I know it won’t be – but am I wrong for trying? Today the whole thing started becoming very real. My friend who is looking over my apartment came by to pick up the keys and instructions, and I have been sorting through things I am taking with me with the pup over Skype.

I have a slight sense of urgency and panic in me right now. Is there enough time? Have I thought of everything? What have I forgotten? Will I have enough cash for the trip? Will the bus transfers go ok? You know the usual. And of  course things like what if the bus break down? What if there is a problem in Calgary? What if the sky falls? Yes, perhaps I’m over thinking all this.

Also, its times like these I miss having reliable income. I miss being able to spoil those I care about. I know it will happen in time, I want to protect and look after and treat those I care about. I keep having to remind myself to be patient. This is the first step in the process. Calgary offers many opportunities and this is phase one.

Again – still no donations  If you are in a position to help – even just $ 20 will help – please donate by clicking the paypal donate button below!! EVERY donation is appreciated!

Another post tomorrow – last one before I arrive in Calgary!!

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