Friday 25 May 2012

Roadtrip 2012: 3 days to go

3 Days to go...

So I know I didn’t blog yesterday – but I did do a youtube video, which is about the same thing. Is that good enough? You can find it here:

Its Friday and its 3 days to go until departure. It’s hot and humid here. Feels weird to be packing long pants and leather at this point, but I have to prepare for all weather I guess. Of course, the toughest thing right now is deciding on exactly what clothes to travel in. So YOUR suggestions welcome there!!

I can feel the excitement growing as I prepare. I’m making lists of contacts I may need, emergency info and so on. Im’ making lists of things to remember to pack and do. I now have lists of lists. Perhaps I’m just over analyzing this all. But here’s the thing. I dislike disorganization. I like to know what I am walking into – and – this is pretty unknown for me. Travelling alone, into strange new places, and I have never done it on a great big bus either. So lots of firsts.

Again, not having cash in my pocket is a concern. I have some – but – well when one is forced to eat at whatever is closest to the greyhound stop, you have no way of telling how much that is going to cost!! If you are able to donate, please do!! You can do it right from here by clicking this button:

I have determined that I will be adding pictures to this blog when I arrive, as well as a bit of an update whenever I can, but so many methods!!  Best check here first if you want to stay updated.

So  now… back to checking things off my lists…..

And im packing my towel, for Douglas.

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