Friday 22 June 2012

Important Break from Roadtrip Posts

I have now officially been on vacation for a few weeks, and trying to find a balance is proving somewhat difficult. Most of the people I know or who know me are kind of used to me being online a heck of a lot, as back in Ontario I had nothing to do and no one to interact with. 

Right now, I’m on the other side of the country, and no longer tied to my computer chair to keep me company or be my social life. This is not to diminish the many wonderful relationships I have with people online, but it would seem that some people feel slighted by my absence online.

Please understand that it is not, has not, and will never be my intention to neglect those people whom I chat with, Many of whom I care a lot about. I am trying my best to stay in touch with everyone, but at the same time trying to limit my time on the computer and spend more time actually getting to know the pups and build a family life for the 3 of us.

This doesn’t mean I care any less for those of you who care about me, it simply means that after years of not having much of a life with people around me, I am trying to figure out a balance, and I’m getting there – so please be patient and understanding, knowing that while I am not online 24/7 as I used to be, you are not forgotten, and I care about each and every one of you!!!

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  1. I am very happy for you SIR :-) - always here when are are free and want to chat SIR