Monday 11 June 2012

Roadtrip 2012: Days 12, 13 and 14

Day 12 (Friday)

Another quiet day – but Roscoe got off work an hour early – and I had made home-made pizza dough, and so the pups and I had home-made custom pizzas, which they really seemed to enjoy. Then it was a bit of frantic preparation for an evening at the Eagle.

Returning to the Calgary Eagle was nice – although a quieter night for the bar as Edmonton Pride was this weekend. It was still awesome to walk in and see some smiling faces I recognised from the week before – especially ones I could remember the names for!! I am notoriously bad at remembering names! Berith did some boot-blacking and made some decent tips, and we had a good evening all round. It also felt good to be in gear at the bar and get some appreciative glances.

I’m finding myself feeling closer and closer to the pups. This family I get to choose, and I feel confident in these pups, and having them as part of my family. Roscoe continues to be attentive and caring, and Berith is playful and mischievous.

Day 13 (Saturday)

We had a slow start to the morning, but I made pancakes, which the pups devoured happily. And then, apparently it was time to be attacked and loved by the pups. I was pretty well dripping with drool by the time i managed to get them both off me – and somehow I ended up with a bite mark on my ass cheek.... We then headed out to pick up some supplies for Berith as well as hit Costco briefly for a few things. By the time we got back from walking around at stores and malls, I was pretty beat and took a nap while the pups made an excellent dinner of home-made mac and cheese J

Up from my nap, we geared up again and headed back to the Eagle. Another relatively quiet night, but I did get a great shine job on my boots from Berith and we had excellent company too. Poor Roscoe was falling asleep in the chair at the bar, and so we came home and crashed again.

Today was nice because I felt like a family when we were out – even walking around the Mall, the pups looking out for me, and me them. I do think i may have to get those shock collars to make them behave sometimes tho!! Don’t tell them I said that.

Day 14. (Sunday)

Hard to believe I’ve been away from home for 14 days already. The time is truly flying by. This morning breakfast was French toast, and the pups devoured it with the same gusto they seem to use to devour about anything else put in front of them. It was quite a lazy mid afternoon after that, and i had to force the pups to get up and go to pick up stuff at a new store someone had told Berith about – in a mall across town.

The mall itself was quite an experience – busy and crowded feeling – and honestly, while the boot store was amazing to go into and look around, I was truly glad to be out of the mall. We made a few more stops along the way, including a store called Army & Navy – which seemed similar in many respects to a Big Lots or Liquidation World store.

We swung home briefly and geared up yet again to head to the Eagle for “Beef on a Bin” – which was really nice. The bar was very quiet, which was nice because we were able to converse with a few people and had a really nice time. Back home early, Roscoe and I watched a movie, as Berith went back home for the night. 

In a few short hours, I will be headed to Vancouver to see my friend Chris whom I have not seen for about 6 years – I am truly looking forward to it. I don’t know exactly how much (if any) internet access I will have while there, but will be in touch when I can. Failing that, I will be back in Calgary on Thursday late and will blog my Vancouver visit on Friday.

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