Thursday 7 June 2012

Roadtrip 2012: Days 9 and 10

Day 9 (Tuesday)

A quiet and uneventful day – the first day since I got here that I was pretty much alone all day. This wasn’t a bad thing – I got to finish updating my blog (see previous post) and do a bit of job research too. Seems there are plenty of jobs to be had for the right candidates – and will be working on tweaking resumes and so on in the next day or two.

Tuesday evening was quiet but nice, we went shopping for a brief while at Safeway – I do think things are a little more expensive here than in Ontario; food-wise anyway. Still we didn’t spend much and actually came away with quite a bit of decent supplies.  Dinner was burgers and perogies – and was very filling.  We lazed a bit before bed. Not a hugely eventful or exciting day – but a nice one spent together. Heavy rains late in the evening and the entire corridor outside the apartment flooded. Fortunately only a little water got in, and was pretty much gone by morning.

I am starting to feel like part of a family, and, for the most part, there is very little awkwardness in our interactions. A polyamorous relationship can have some awkward moments, but communication is truly the key. I am loving the attentions of the pups – and I think they too are enjoying the attentions they are given. 

I’m feeling good about being here, and certainly feeling good about the puppies. As for the city itself, while I haven’t seen very much of it as yet, I haven’t seen anything I dislike yet either. It reminds me in many ways of Cape Town, South Africa – my favourite city – and Calgary’s climate and atmosphere seem to mimic Cape Town in many ways. The longer I stay and the more I see, the more convinced I am that I should move here. Let’s hope the job searches prove to be successful.

Day 10 (Wednesday)

A slow start to the day, but I was up before Roscoe, and put together his lunch (turns out later I didn’t send enough with him – I will make sure that doesn’t happen again. The carpet in the hallway outside the apartment stinks and the landlord is trying to shop-vac up all the water. Don’t even him – it really smells bad. At least they have a through draft to air it out.

Roscoe came home from work, and he and I had some pup time with Berith, which was awesome, and then the three of us collectively got stuck into making dinner in the tiny kitchen together. It was, quite frankly, awesome. Working together with and around one another in a small space but it truly was great. And the meal at the end was incredible: ham chowder – and a collaborative effort probably added to the great taste.

The rest of the evening was cuddles on the sofa watching “Invader Zim” which is hilarious – and if you haven’t seen it – I recommend it – definitely NOT for the age group it was originally intended for!! LOL

I’m truly enjoying being the Daddy to these two very different pups. It feels right and comfortable and like a very good fit. Of course we are, all three, learning still – and no doubt have much more to learn. But as every day passes, I find myself feeling like I belong here – with them. I kind of hope they feel the same too – and all indications currently are that they do. This could be the thing I have been waiting for – and missing – for such a long time. Now to find work here in Calgary – and then the decision is made completely.

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  1. INVADER ZIM kicks ASS!!!!! I am VERY happy you are having a great time with them SIR .. (hugs)