Friday 8 June 2012

Roadtrip 2012: Day 11

Day 11 (Thursday)

Well some one really wanted the boots I travelled with, and have been wearing for a little over 2 years, and so I put them up for auction on facebook and – well they sold for $ 200!! Heck – at this rate I may have to start offering more of my used gear etc for sale!! LOL It may end up financing me moving to Calgary :) 

A relatively quiet and uneventful day spent job hunting and resume writing. Berith went to spend the afternoon with friends, and I had the place to myself and enjoyed the quiet and watched some episodes of Fringe too. Roscoe came home and we ate some left-lover, with some freshly made poutine – which he seemed to really enjoy :)

We decided to go and watch The Avengers, and he and I set off, for the local cinema. It was the first time I have seen a 3D movie since Jaws 3D back in... well let’s just say a long time ago when that first came out. The technology is amazing and I really enjoyed the experience, even if the glasses were a tad distracting and annoying at first. The movie itself was awesome – and I am glad I got to go with the pup.

Tomorrow is Friday, which means we’re going to the Eagle again, which I am looking forward to, and I think we will have a good time.
The idea of family is growing more and more into reality, I feel, and being Daddy is a natural thing for me. I do think I may need to invest in two chock collars tho.... just don’t tell the pups!!!

Until later everyone :)

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