Tuesday 5 June 2012

Roadtrip 2012: Days 5 to 8

Day 5 (Friday)
Got into Calgary late – but so awesome to see two puppies eagerly waiting for me. One thing which didn’t arrive with me was half my luggage. A chat with customer service, and a wait for the next bus from Edmonton, and my luggage was there – and we were on our way. 

It was awesome to finally be able to actually reach out and touch the puppy from the other side of the computer screen, and give headrubs and scratches and hear him murr and whimper for more. We went out for dinner, as it was quite late, and, after such brief stops along the way on the bus, I was famished!! We went to a Vietnamese restaurant, and the server was great and friendly, the food filling, tasty and truly appreciated.

A quiet and relatively uneventful evening together after that – mainly lots of cuddles and pets on the sofa before actually being able to lie down horizontally – which was AWESOME!!! A good restful night sleep cuddling a pup was amazing.

Friday morning, Roscoe was up early and off to work, so i got up and walked him to the bus stop to see him off, and stop at Timmies for a coffee. Got back to the pups apartment and the Berith and I decided to go for a walk into this area of town and check it out.

This part of 17th street is cool – lots of bars and some interesting stores. We walked all the way down as far as we could to the casino and then started heading back, and half way down realised that Roscoe was close to lunch time, so we headed into the city centre to meet him for lunch. We walked around the mall and found the food court – and managed to secure a table, where Roscoe met us for lunch.
I haven’t had much chance to take too many pictures – but here is one of the two of us from lunch.

After a nice lunch, the Berith and I walked back to the apartment, stopping in at a few stores to check them out – some really nice stuff in some of them – but a lot of really pricy stuff too!! Also stopped in at priape, and Berith bought a magazine, and the cute guy at the register stuffed his carry bag with condom and lube packets, grinning at the two of us!! LOL

We waited until Roscoe was on his way home, then walked to meet him at the bus stop. We went out to Costco and a few other stores to get supplies and groceries, and then a quiet evening at home with a well cooked stir fry and then cuddles and bed.

Day 6 (Saturday)
Saturday morning I was the first awake, which is not unusual for me. My back is still giving me problems and I had the worst shin splints from the lengthy walk. But we got up and sort of lazed a bit, then went to hang out briefly with some of the Berith’s friends, before coming home and heading out to the Calgary Eagle.

The Eagle was nice, although quite a few lesbians – which was unusual. I don’t think I have ever seen women in the Toronto Eagle when I have been there. Met a few of the pups friends which was awesome – some very nice, friendly people, as well as David, with whom I have chatted for a while on Recon. I’m really looking forward to going back there again.

Day 7 (Sunday)
Another quiet start to the day. The pups were going out to swim with a friend, and I was wanting to treat them, and stayed home to prepare a large roast beef dinner, with Yorkshire puddings, roast potato, and plenty of gravy to go around. The meal was definitely worth the effort as shown below:

No-one felt like doing anything after dinner, but I prepared Roscoes lunch and we relaxed before heading to bed.

Day 8 (Monday)

Monday was a quiet day again, and Berith and I relaxed, and i will admit to taking an unexpected nap in the afternoon. When Roscoe got home from work, we had dinner together and then he took Berith home.

When he returned, it was time to relax together – and honestly our first completely alone time together since I arrived. I petted him for a while, and then i gave him a good puppy bath in the tub – which was awesome. I loved it. And, judging by the pups reactions – he did too. It was very intimate and enjoyable, and I am feeling  very close to the pup right now.

Some concerns still for me are pocket money. Im kinda out completely. Once again, if you are able to donate something, please do!! Every bit helps!! And for those of you who are on my face book, you will have probably seen there is an auction under way for my boots I wore on my trip out here. Get your bids in before 6pm MT Wednesday, 6 June!!!!
More to follow more regularly now that I am up to date!!!

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